We're the dream warriors , armed with the wrath of mind My name is nancy and here's my piece of mind Freedom to all the people Brave, true and strong Freedom for all the people Unless I think you're wrong!

Blasphemy ! Rapist mentality ! Teen Suicide ! Necro-bestial anal butt sex ! Ohhhhh !

I got a couple of friends here Trained in the hogwarts way Master wizard here to blow you the hell away Fred , you're the worst , I'll put an end to you You're even grosser then 2 Live Crew My best friend's a biker girl just back from the alleyway Well my name is taryn white I wanna go your way My buddy kristen , a hundred tons of mind DREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM

that's right folks ! tonight at the mammoth pukaplex organized death arena we got the wizard master and the dream warriors vs. the dream killer freddy krueger ! see all the dream power and the gore ! see freddy's clawed glove ! get your tickets now ! it's awsome ! be there be there be there be there be there !

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