Hi, in the month of May I have already had two problems with posters vandalizing the wikia.  When these things have happened, after considering the lengths to which the vandalism extended, both users were served with temporary blocks.  I realized while doing this, that this wikia doesn't have a set of rules or guidelines for users to follow or for me to use to administer it.  I think it would be very useful to construct a list that not only lays out the rules of the wikia, but a direct set of consequences if the rules are broken.

As I didn't create this wikia and I am actually one of the newer people that have joined, I don't feel completely right in just coming up with an arbitrary list.  So I am reaching out to the community to get your input on the guidelines you would like to see on your Elm Street Wikia.

I'll probably have an official set of rules in place within the next two weeks because I want to give users a chance to respond.  Then whatever list is established will be put here for comments before becoming official.

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