I know when I first came to this wikia that there was a ton of fan fiction on it.  I didn't really feel wonderful about removing such a large amount of work that was put into those pages, but there is so much fan fiction out there that it really didn't make sense to include non canonical information like that in the regular wiki.

So, I've activated the forums for this wikia and I added a board there completely dedicated to fan fiction.  Please feel free to post established fan fictions or even your own creations on that board.  Just remember, it only belongs on the board.  Any fan fiction in the actual encyclopedia will be removed.

Here is a link: Fan Fiction Board

In addition, please feel free to use the forums for anything else as well as they are now open to be used.

As usual, let Ablade or myself know if you need anything or have any concerns.

Boioflife (talk) 05:13, July 20, 2015 (UTC)

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