I've been hooked on the NoES series for 24 years and although I would not consider myself an expert as there are many things I do not know however in reguards to the actual story line I do know quite a bit. It is my intent to go over this website and fix little flaws that I've seen with some of the details. I realize that to some people these may not matter but they matter to me. My primary sources are the actual movies, the nightmare tv show and things Robert or Wes have stated about the NoES world. If you have any problems with this or believe I am wrong please let me know and I'll review my information.

The reason I was looking into adopting this site is because on the main page it says its up for adoption and I didnt want to see all the work put up on this site to go down the drain or be abused, altered, or filled with misinformation. Where I saw admins for this site they appeared to be absent since 2009 and I just wanted to get a more active admin and make sure that all info provided here was correct. In fact and wording in order to assure the most actuat information possable is being distributed. 

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