Unnamed Elm Street Child
Unnamed Elm Street Child

Dream Warriors (mentioned)

This kid is one of the Elm Street children and was mentioned by Dr. Neil Gordon in Dream Warriors.


This kid's parents burned Freddy Krueger to death along with other parents. Gordon told Nancy Thompson that he got razors and cut off his eyelids so he could stay awake. He was then transferred to The Hathaway House.


Since it was confirmed that Kristen Parker was the last of the children of the parents and Freddy succeeded in revenge after killing her, it can be assumed Freddy killed this kid. It can be assumed this happened despite the fact that he cut off his own eyelids. Krueger either killed him in the real world or the boy's plan to stay awake by cutting off his own eyelids failed and died in his sleep by Krueger.


After murdering this boy, Freddy absorbs his soul and was released at the end of the dream master when he lost against Alice Johnson.


  • He is the only elm street child in the original series to be completely off-screen (He was only mentioned).