Hathaway House

Hathaway House

The Hathaway House is a fictional asylum for the criminally insane, first seen in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, it was maintained by a religious sisterhood. It is located in Springwood and is presently abandoned.


In the 1940s, this building was maintained by a religious sister hood. At the time it was presumably the state asylum as well due to its size. It changed its name to Fairview Hospital after the torture and rape of Sister Mary Helena (A.K.A. Amanda Krueger). It was closed some time after the same Sister hung herself in the tower several years later. Beyond that not much is known about the asylum other then a few fun facts. It is presumed that it built under the direction of a Dr. Hathaway around the turn of the century, but no evidence has been found to support that claim. Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital was built some time in the late 1990s.

The actual date of Fairview Hospital closing is presumed to be some time between NoEs3 (as Dr. Gordon mentioned that if Westin is unable to help anyone they are transfered to Fairview) and NoES5. (When Yvonne Miller has to visit it to locate Sister Mary Helena's corpse.)

Abandon hathaway house

The Hathaway House after it was abandon

Front door to the hathaway house

Yvonne Miller entering the abandon Hathaway house.


  • Some time in the late 1980s the asylum was abandoned, but left standing as a tribute to the sister hood that once maintained it.
  • Westin hills was built in the late 1980s and some of its architecture was similar to The Hathaway House, though it was much smaller and several key structure (like two of the three towers) were omitted.