Super Freddy
Nightmare 02
Super Freddy


Robert Englund (voice), Michael Bailey Smith

Super Freddy is the form of Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 inside Mark's comic nightmare.

The Manifestation is used in the murder and collection of his soul for unborn Jacob.


Super Freddy appears to a be a large muscular Freddy in large clothes with many facial changes. Beady eyes, retro grey scarred skin and absent of the trademark glove up until the swing of the hand across Mark's Chest. Super-Freddy's appearance is the form of body portraying actor Michael Bailey Smith whilest the voice is the depiction of Robert Englund. Super Freddy's limbs appear to be all body flex and possesses a wrestler quantity in capacity.


*"Faster than a Bastard Maniac, more powerful then a loco madman" *"It's Super-Freddy"


Mark Gray the graduating senior of Springwood High School Class of 89' was a great fan of comic books and superheroes always depicting himself as one claiming fellow friend Greta's Heart. Following Mark's depravity of sleep the night of the watch of Alice while she searches for Amanda Krueger, Mark falls asleep reading many comics. His dream begins with one comic, he is about to read titled "The Nightmare From Hell." The comic book depicts Freddy's killings of Dan Gordon and Greta in their dreams and the methods of their murders up until Mark reading the comic. Mark upon realizing this is then sucked into the comic: a grey colorless world where he is the only shade of effect. Freddy attacks firstly in normal form riding a skateboard swinging his blade around in ready for Mark.

However upon advancing disappears leaving Mark, blood then trickles down Mark's hair and as he looks up catches gaze of Greta in doll form with bloated cheeks being eaten by Freddy. Freddy then releases Greta causing her to shatter on the ground showing her as a miniature doll. Freddy then attacks again but in Mark's angered state transforms him into an armed superhero. Mark shoots down Freddy supposedly killing him until he approaches. Freddy then emerges as the muscular large villain Super-Freddy who parodies Flash and Batman before slicing Mark across the chest turning him into a flat drawing. Mark's flat form then melts of color and is shredded by Freddy's fingertips. The world then collapses causing Mark's death in real life, as Alice awakens to find most of the warehouse room collapsed and a bloody Mark's hand beneath the debris.

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