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Sheila Kopecky
Sheila Kopecky

Springwood Highschool student

Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Toy Newkirk

Shelia Kopecky a character in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, who appears as a shy, quiet, and nerdy girl who is best-friend with hot girl Debbie Stevens, friends with Dan Jordan , Kristen Parker, Rick Johnson and Alice Johnson. Sheila is the fourth falling victim of the fourth Freddy Krueger's killing spree to die.

The Dream MasterEdit

Not much is known about Shelia's life or background, what is known is that she's one first teenage victims, that was
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"Learning is my life!" Sheila doesn't care about her life except study

not born an Elm Street child. As there was no indication of herself or her family knowing about Fred Krueger.

Sheila would often help Debbie with her homework, or do it for her if Debbie slacked off. Debbie would often stick up for Sheila whenever she was being picked on. A genius, Sheila was a capable inventress, creating a device to help Debbie fend off bugs, and she intended to become a doctor.

During class, Sheila fell asleep along with Alice during a physics test, and Alice unintentionally pulled Sheila into her dream. Sheila was horrified when the words on her test jumbled around of their own free will, until they spelled out "Learning can be fun with Freddy", before she tried to get rid of a blood stain which had formed on the test. The stain became bigger until a robotic hand emerged out of it and tried to pull Sheila in.


Trapped in her desk, she was screaming for one of the other students to help her, unaware that Alice was trapped in her desk as well. At this point in the dream, Freddy appeared at the teacher's desk when he came up to Sheila and asked "Wanna suck face?" He grabs her and starts kissing her to which he sucks all the air right out of her,
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Learning is fun with Freddy! Sheila meets her "true love" in a deathly nightmare

until she was a dried-up husk. In the real world, it appeared as if Sheila was suffering an asthma attack. Alice tried to get her inhaler out before she was knocked back by an invisible force, and Sheila died. She is the first of Freddy's teenage victims who are not Elm Street children.

After DeathEdit

Alice aquired Shelia's intellect and been using her her motto "mind over matter". She also used Shelia's device to blast a hole through Freddy during the final battle. At the end of the film, Alice is able to bring her some peace after defeating him. With Freddy defeated, Alice is able to release their souls, one of them being Shelia's and ascends to the good dream realm or heaven.

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