Pamela Sue Voorhees
Pamela Voorhees
Pamela Voorhees as portrayed by Paula Shaw in Freddy vs. Jason
Pamela Sue Voorhees

49 (at the time of death)


Cook (till 1957)
Spree killer (pre-mortem)


Pamela Sue Voorhees was the mother of Jason Voorhees and was the main antagonist of the first Friday the 13th film.

She was portrayed by the late Betsy Palmer, who reprises her role briefly in Friday the 13th Part 2. Then she later portrayed by Paula Shaw in Freddy vs Jason.

Her Story

Pamela went on a killing spree in 1979 when the camp was officially re-opened as an act of revenge on the Camp Crystal Lake counselors after Jason's supposed drowning in 1957.

Pamela was beheaded by Alice Hardy after killing most of the counselors. Pamela's severed head, sweater, pants, and machete were salvaged by Jason.

In Freddy vs. Jason, Freddy Krueger takes the form of Pamela in order to resurrect Jason and manipulates him into starting a new killing spree in Springwood.

After Jason enters the dream world for the first time, Pamela finally reveals herself to be Freddy.

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