Mr. Underwood
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Mr. Underwood


Alice Cooper

Mr. Edward Underwood was the adoptive father of Freddy Krueger. He presumably took in Freddy at a young age when Freddy's biological mother gave him up for adoption.

He was portrayed by singer-songwriter, Alice Cooper.


A severe alcoholic, Mr. Underwood abused Freddy both verbally and physically. His preferred method of beating Freddy was apparently whipping with a belt.

Once he became a teenager, Freddy, fed up with his foster father's abuse, murdered Mr. Underwood when he came home drunk one day, and laughed off his blows before he stabbed him in the eye with a straight razor as revenge, a memory which Freddy's daughter, Maggie Burroughs, later witnessed after she entered Freddy's mind years later in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare.

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