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Mortal Kombat is the 9th Mortal Kombat video game in the successful Mortal Kombat franchise. This is a reboot of the game franchise.

In this game, Freddy Krueger is playable downloadable content. Freddy appearance resembles the reboot film and he appears to have two finger-blade gloves . Its release date was August 9, 2011.


  • Freddy shares a similar power to a Mortal Kombat Kombatant, Shang Tsung. They are both feed off the souls of their victims.
  • If not counting the DC Universe characters, Freddy is the second guest character of the Mortal Kombat series. The first is Kratos from God of War. Though unlike Freddy, Kratos is only available on the PlayStation 3 where as Freddy is available on both PS3 and X-Box 360.
  • Scorpion and Freddy share the same power of fire. Also they both died and became immortals at age 32.
  • Mortal Kombat character Johnny Cage refrenced Freddy on his official twitter, stating that "I have been having strange dreams #Nightmares."
  • All of Freddy Krueger's names of fatatlity's are quotes that he say in films (Tell 'Em Freddy Senta Ya from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 and Welcome To My Nightmare from Freddy Vs Jason) and they are referenced. His first fatality references how he killed Roland Kincaid (Ken Sagoes) in the third film and his second fatatliy references how he killed Kristen Parker (Tuesday Knight) in the fourth film.

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Mortal Kombat Freddy Krueger DLC Trailer01:45

Mortal Kombat Freddy Krueger DLC Trailer

Freddy in MK 2011

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