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Marcus Yeon
Marcus Yeon





Marcus Yeon was a cameo protagonist in A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), as Nancy Holbrook following Dean Russell, Kris Fowles and Jesse Braun's deaths begins looking into the names of the other Badham Preschoolers from their class.

Nancy Holbrook looks up Marcus' name following her search of two of the others and finds Marcus to have a website blog featuring three webcam videos from him. She plays the first one which has Marcus tell the viewers that he is having strange nightmares of a burnt maniacal man and that he keeps getting brought to a preschool but never goes in. The second video reveals he has been in the Preschool now and keeps coming out the wrong way.

The Third and final video of his blog has Marcus in a tired worn down state stating he doesn't know what's real or fake anymore and that he is so tired yet cannot go to sleep or else he will die.

Marcus is then seen falling asleep in the final video following this statement and then the video screen being smashed out, signifying he has been killed during his final broadcast.



minutes before your suicide

Marcus Yeon is killed while falling asleep at the computer and has his head smashed through the computer screen. Nancy Holbrook witnessed this death as she was searching for her old classmates, only to learn that only she and Quentin were the only ones that remained.

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