Jump Rope Children
Jump Rope Children


These are the children that sing Freddy's jumprope song in the Dream World. They act as symbols of Freddy's coming, powers, or just a sign that he's still there. Throughout the series, we see several of them appearing to the characters and singing. In A Nightmare on Elm Street, they appear in the garden of Springwood Senior High School, and in the future duration, Nancy knew the song and memorizes it. The singers usually appear in front of the 1428 Elm Street House. From A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors until recent, Freddy vs. Jason there are six kids that have been shown. Three girls playing skipping rope, the two who move the rope sing the song. One other girl, watches them while clapping her own hands. There also sometimes appears to be two boys throwing a ball. The position is, the girls with skipping rope in front, next to them there is a girl and beside her, two boys with a ball.