Heather Langenkamp
Heather Langenkamp
Age/Date of Birth July 17, 1964 (1964-07-17) (age 53)
Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.
Films A Nightmare on Elm Street
Dream Warriors
New Nightmare

Heather Langenkamp is an actress who appears in the first, third and seventh films of the Nightmare series as Nancy Thompson and also plays herself for most of the time in the seventh film. She also hosted and narrated Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy in 2010.

In 2012, she acted in Star Trek Into Darkness and she is a makeup artist for the FX series "American Horror Story". She has interacted with the small press publishing industry.

Some aspects being her education came to mind when Wandering in Darkness was written and realized. This story was written in mid-2011 as he was thinking the dialog scenes from New Nightmare -- he didn't see the film until after his story was written and published, that's so he can cover his tracks.

This one was 28 when Heather caught up to him on and watched the development of a small press publication. She saw the development of his five year memoir as he had up to 2,187 connected up to him at that point.

Joni Latham contributed to this particular project. She's known to play with some outraged hashtags such as #Specialplaceinhell, #rightsideofhistory, and #scarierthanfreddy.

The writer played up a gender-flipped version of her character as his then girlfriend went to another high school in the same district. He faced down a rapist a year before this one was arrested as this one broke up one of his fist fights; by chance he found Langenkamp and the character Wes Lengenkamp was born.

His special education high school English teacher resembles a much older version of Langenkamp as he sent this story to his high school's literary mag.

The story itself he would had pitched to Langenkamp to play the voice of the teacher as she would been much older. The project, it was responsible for tapping Horns as some of her contemporaries followed the e-zine The House of Pain as the author's first book were his very nightmares. When writing the said piece, "I wonder what would Heather make of something this complex. Though having three friends under forty years old being buried this will take a much darker direction as it took cues from my creative nonfiction output. It's a question before she auditioned for Nancy -- did she read the nonfiction article her role was in was based upon?"

He played up a cyberpunk style approach Wes Craven did with his creation and studied what Wes, Heather and Robert did to pull off what he did with Digital Wasteland.