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Gwen Holbrook


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Gwen Holbrook was the mother of Nancy Holbrook. She appeared in the 2010 reboot of A Nightmare on elm Street. She is the equivalent of Marge Thompson in the original film.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

Gwen was one of the parents who sent her kids to a daycare center in which Freddy Krueger was the maintenance man. Freddy molested and hurt the children, so the parents took revenge. They chased him down and he hid in a boiler room. Gwen objected to killing him, but the other parents threw molotov cocktails into the boiler room and Freddy burned to death.

The Elm Street children were kept apart and they soon forgot about each other. When Nancy began to remember things, Gwen panicked. However, she eventually told Nancy the story about Freddy Krueger. However, she didn't tell her at first that Freddy was murdered. She told Nancy that he left town and was never seen again. Neither Nancy or Quentin Smith believed her, however. They found the truth from Quention's father



Gwen clawed in the eyes throught the back of her head.

She and Nancy return home and talk beside a mirror. moments later she is killed when Freddy Krueger comes through the mirror and stabs her in the back of the head and pulls Gwen through the mirror leaving Nancy screaming.

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