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Freddy vs. Jason Soundtrack is a CD released in 2003 for the film Freddy vs. Jason, it includes 20 tracks of songs performed by various metal bands.


  • 1. How Can I Live by III Nino
  • 2. When Darkness Falls by Killswitch Engage
  • 3. Beginning of the End by Spine Shank
  • 4. Sun Doesn't Shine by Mushroohead
  • 5. Condemned until Rebirth by Hatebreed
  • 6. Snap ('97 demo) by Slipknot
  • 7. Army of Me by Chimaira
  • 8. The After Dinner Payback by From Autumn to Ashes
  • 9. Leech by Sevendust
  • 10. Bombshell by Powerman 5000
  • 11. Welcome to the Strange by Murderdolls
  • 12. Out of my Way by Seether
  • 13. Inside the Cynic by Stone Sour
  • 14. Swimming the Dead by DevilDriver
  • 15. The Waste by Sepultura by Mike Patton
  • 16. Middle of Nowhere by the Blank Theory
  • 17. Ether by Nothingface
  • 18. Trigger by Flames
  • 19. 11th Hour by Lamb of God
  • 20. (We Were) Electrocute by Type O Negative


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