Located on SE Elm St between 14th St and 15th St, this is the house originally beloged to Mr. Underwood. Mr. Underwood adopted Fredy and raised him in the home, until Fredy killed him for abusing him. As the only heir to Mr. Underwood's estate Fredy got everything including the house. The room in the basement that Fredy was locked in as a child became his "special work room".  After Freddy was murdered the house was purchused by the Thompsons presuably to help erase the memory of Freddy. After that the house was home to the Walsh family, following their breif stay the house stood abandon for several years.  The Cambells owned the house after in the first part of the 21st century.  There have only been three confirmed death's in the house. Lorreta Kruger, Marge Thompson and Mrs. Campbell.  #REDIRECT Elm Street House

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