Dr Carver
Dr. Carver as portrayed by Paul Kent



Paul Kent

Dr. Carver was a character who appears on A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and is the boss of Neil Gordon. He is probably one of the people who don't believe in Freddy Krueger. He is portrayed by Paul Kent.

Dream Warriors

A nurse tells him that Joey is in a deep coma and there is nothing they can do.Carver says that is inexcusable. Elizabeth Simms says that the session was unauthorized and was purposely conducted without her knowledge. Neil Gordon adds that unusual steps were called for. Carver asks to Neil is that why he should tell Joey's parents and understands Neil prescribed a highly experimental drug. Nancy tries to tell the truth that Joey is not in a coma, but Carver says that her opinion is no interest of him and according to Elizabeth Simms, Nancy created panic among the patients. Neil tells the truth that it is not true, but Carver reminds him that in the last four days, they had two suicides and now Joey is in a coma and that Neil's approach has failed completely and relieves Neil and Nancy of duty.