Christine Heffner
Dr. Christine Heffner as portrayed by Fran Bennett in New Nightmare
Christine Heffner


Fran Bennett

Dr. Christine Heffner is a character who was portrayed by Fran Bennett in New Nightmare.

Her medical speciality is not specified, however she is most likely a psychiatrist who specialised in pediatric psychiatry.


She believes horror films have terrible effects on children, including Dylan Porter who is under her care and is suspicious of Heather Langenkamp when she finds out she is a horror icon.


Initally she suspected that Dylan was showing symptoms of Schizophrenia, when in trust he was being haunted by the Freddy Kreguer entity.

On a similar par to Dr. Elizabeth Simms from Dream Warriors Dr Heffner is not explicitly a villain but is arguably an antagonist due to her conservative and 1 dimensional view of Dylan's symptoms.


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