This is a proposition. if you like the description, mention what you like about it, and I will send it to New Line Cinema.


Donathon Hampton is an ambitious kid in Springwood Middle School. He is introduced when talking to his friends Jacob Johnson, who is having dreams about a girl named Greta, and Taylor Hampton, who is having dreams about Freddy Krueger. Donny, Taylor and Jacob confront their history teacher about information about Freddy. After the class, Donny gets attacked by his rival Bryce Martin and is knocked out cold.

Donathan is taken to the hospital by Taylor. Meanwhile, he is asleep and dreaming he is in an alley. Freddy appears and attacks Donny, but is rescued by one of Freddy's old victims: Taryn White, who injects Freddy with a blue liquid, and slaps Donny awake, but for some strange reason, Taryn is with him, and very much alive.


Donathon Hampton

Taylor Hampton

Jacob Daniel

Taryn White

Bryce Martin

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